Eco Listening To Enlighten And Inspire

Eco Listening To Enlighten And Inspire

Have you been wanting to learn a little more about sustainable fashion, waste free tips and tricks, intersectional environmentalism, or what about the latest eco news and sustainable technologies? Have we got a list of podcasts for you!

Take your pick and expand your mind…it’s time to get your learning on!

Add these podcasts to your listening list:
1. The Wardrobe Crisis
A sustainable fashion podcast from VOGUE’s sustainability editor Clare Press.

2. A Sustainable Mind Eco Podcast –
Marjorie Alexander brings you environmental change makers whose campaigns, companies and projects have changed the planet for the better. Each episode ends with actionable advice and resources to get you started!

3. Zero Waste Baby
Comedian and Triple J’s Veronica Milsom is a mum on a mission to reduce her tiny newborn’s massive waste footprint. Veronica has to find alternatives to using any of the wonderfully convenient disposable products that make modern day parenting possible, like nappies, wet wipes and store-bought baby creams, for the first 3 months of her baby’s life.

4. Brown Girl Green
Brown Girl Green is a podcast series created by Kristy Drutman. She interviews environmental leaders and advocates for diversity and inclusion as well as creative solutions for coping with the climate crisis.

5. Little Green Pod –
Little Green Pod, with Fiona Poole, is an ABC Radio podcast for busy people, with bite size tips and quick and easy ways to live a little greener.

6. For What It’s Earth Podcast
An environment, climate change and sustainability podcast breaking down the big issues! Aussies Emma Brisdion and Lloyd Hopkins, explain the science and explore the things that we can do to make a difference. 

7. Conscious Chatter
Conscious Chatter is an inclusive audio space that asks questions about our clothing. A podcast about why what we wear matters by storyteller Kestrel Jenkins.

8. Green Dreamer 
Green Dreamer is a podcast and multimedia journal illuminating our path to ecological regeneration, intersectional sustainability, and true abundance and wellness for all. 

9. Think: Sustainability
From Sydney community radio station 2SER, Think: Sustainability, is a news-focused podcast with practical tips on working towards a better planet. From waste to wealth and grids to growth, the show digs into the impact of consumption across all areas of life – it tracks the movements, discoveries and technologies making way for a sustainable future.

10. The Minimalists Podcast
Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less through their website, books, podcast and documentary.

11. The Slow Home 
The Slow Home Podcast is hosted by Brooke McAlary and brings you conversations on what it means and looks like to live a slower and more meaningful lives.  

A weekly British comedy podcast about the environment, for and by the confused.

13. The Quick Unpick
The Quick Unpick is a podcast about the Australian fashion brands manufacturing locally and ethically. We’re a bit excited about this brand new podcast by Ethical Clothing Australia and Britts List (Sustainable fashion news, honest brand reviews and advocate for ethical Australian made fashion). The Quick Unpick is launching via a live recording, Monday 19th October at 5.30pm!!
You can register to watch the live episode here:

We’ve added websites here, but you can search any of these podcasts on your favourite podcast app! We love listening on long car trips, or during a long walk!!

Happy listening!!!