Eco-Resolutions 2021

Eco-Resolutions 2021

Have you ever set an eco-resolution before?

This year our team member, Emily, decided to set a few eco-friendly resolutions to try and motivate some changes in her life that are better for the planet.

Emily’s Goals for 2021:
1. Don’t buy any new clothes this year, except for underwear, socks and shoes.
2. Change Super Fund to a more ethical super.
3. Change bank to a more ethical bank.
4. Get clothes/things fixed if they break.
5. Only wash clothes when they really need it, to reduce micro-plastic fibres.

Here are our tips for setting an eco-resolution:

1. Stick to just a few eco-resolutions! The more we can do for the environment, the better… but it can all get a bit overwhelming if we set ourselves too many goals at the same time. Instead, pick just a few goals that are really important to you and achievable.

2. Find a reason to motivate your goal! Take some time to reflect on what eco-resolutions you’ve chosen and why. Having a reason, or an emotional attachment to a goal can help remind you why you’re doing it and keep you motivated.

3. Break down your goals into smaller steps. Big goals can be exciting, but also overwhelming. Plan all of the steps including how to achieve the goal, what you’ll need and if you can break it down into smaller, achievable steps.

4. Learn from your mistakes! If one method isn’t working, try another one. What do you need to help you complete this task? Regular reminders in your phone? An accountability buddy? A great soundtrack? We all slip from time to time, it’s staying determined and trying again, that get’s us there in the end!

5. Make it measurable. Having a specific number, day, or amount can help you set a plan and stick to it. For example, why not set a time that you pack your reusable coffee mug each day? Or a day of the week that you do your recycling, or a minimum number of items of trash that you’ll pick up on your walk home from work each day.

If you haven’t set any eco-resolutions this year yet, it’s not too late to start a new habit for the environment.

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