Getting Chatty With Libby From COYdeROY!

Getting Chatty With Libby From COYdeROY!

Libby Frederickson is the lady behind COYdeROY, a slow fashion clothing line homemade and handmade in Brisbane. With a focus on upcycled and ready-to-wear small batch collections, Libby supports the Suitcase Rummage model of affordable, circular, unique fashion and treasures!  She wholeheartedly believes that variety and diversity underpins a creative community. Durable, comfortable, pockets, self taught garment-maker, prêt-à-porter…Libby we’re picking up what you’re putting down!

Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? My name is Lib, and I make clothes for a small upcycled label called COYdeROY Clothing. I use predominantly recycled materials which catch my eye, and fit with the ideas Im working on at the time. Producing small batch, ready-to-wear collections seems to suit the creative and fluid way that I pull things together! I love interesting colour combos, testing classic shapes, and making comfortable clothes which look a little different on the street.

Are there any projects (professional or personal) that you are especially proud of? I’m always thrilled when a recycled remnant comes off well in a finished piece! Often my husband says at the start “I don’t see it, but I know you’ll make it good.” I laugh, and get sewing.

What kinds of ideas and things are you working on at the moment? At the moment, I’m working on a slouchy pants design which fits well and has awesome pockets. Being self-taught, I get right into the shapes, fit, and stitching to try and produce a handmade garment which has charm and durability.

What is the next step for you? I’m not sure what the next step is for the label. Being mindful of the big fashion sustainability crisis, makes me question whether I’m a help or a hindrance to changes needed in fashion consumption. I hope that small-scale handmade brands can offer an alternative for shoppers who look for creativity in fashion, and enjoy expressing themselves through artfully made clothes.

Please describe the space where you do most of your creating or spend most of your time? I make everything at my home studio, and have recently converted the guest room over to a studio space. My family haven’t said anything yet about my slowly colonising the home!

What do you enjoy doing when not creating art / working / making stuff happen? When I’m not sewing, I’m drinking soy lattes. Oh, hang on, I do that when I sew as well. I love a little opshop, and get really excited to meet other makers in the Brisbane creative community.

If you were to host fancy dress shindig, what would be the theme? I once went to a fancy-dress party as Tripitaka (spell check?) from Monkey, with a gang of fun-time friends also dressed as Sandy, Pigsy and Monkey. We sewed our costumes, of course.

Which era of art / design etc do you appreciate the most? I’m 80’s inspired. I’m nostalgic, but also there seemed to be a moment in culture when anything could happen. Unusual music, fashion, and art could pop right up in your face! I’m a little obsessed with Keith Haring, right now.

Where can we find and follow you?  Instagram account @coy_deroy and you can visit my etsy shop: COYdeROY Clothing