Give a little, Get a little

Give a little, Get a little

Yes, it is a great lyric from a Maggie Rodgers song! And we totally feel it applies to shopping small and always thoughtfully this Christmas.

2020 has been a big year with lots of change. However, one thing that has gone unchanged is that we are constantly in awe and endlessly inspired by our stall holders. Boy have you been busy! At the start of lockdown we launched our online markets and we’ve loved seeing all the creations and collections. We’ve loved providing a small platform for local makers and small businesses to get the recognition they are so deserving of! It’s been so wonderful to see businesses grow from strength to strength and diversify. 

We’d love to encourage you to shop from a small business this Christmas! In case you didn’t know small businesses really are the bees knees in our eyes. They are an outlet for human creativity and design. 

Here’s two things you might not have considered:

Why does it cost more for something handmade? Sometimes it can be a little bit more to buy something from an artist or creative and that’s totally warranted. There’s a lot more to a small business/product than meets the eye. There are overheads – production costs, technology costs, online subscriptions to design programs, printing business cards and other signage. Then the actual materials to make the product and the time and skill of the artist. So there are a few things to cover. Another way to look at it is, asking yourself why some things on the market are so cheap? Have all the costs to make those items really been absorbed or is someone/something in the supply chain missing out? Often it’s the environment or people. 

Don’t give up your day job! For a lot of creatives giving up their day job is not an option. Aside from the bread and butter earnings, having a side hustle is what inspires and nourishes them! How nice is it to be supporting that? Many small businesses just cover their costs with a tiny tipple on the side to reinvest. Your continued support gives them that little message to keep going and realise their potential!

We’ve put together a few of our favourites in each of our Rummage locations, so there’s no excuses! Check them out and share the love 🙂

Brisbane. Just a short walk from the CBD in West End you can find organic wine at The End Bar and Bottle Shop. Or why not pursue some pre-loved threads at SWOP’s new and bigger Brisbane store? (They’re online too!) Another of our favourites is also close by Open House, stocking so many wonderful local makers and artists including many First Nations makers.

Canberra. We have celebrated quite a few local makers in Canberra this year, with so many goods to choose from! Jump on Etsy to check out Bukiyou’s range of polymer clay earrings, or Maya Lane’s crochet creations. If you feel like stepping out Trove in Braddon stocks all local CBR makers!

Melbourne. Coming out of lockdown just in time for a spot of sustainable shopping! Craft Victoria always have an excellent selection of local artists and designers, there’s sure to be something! New kid the block Cockatoo Cocktails stocking super cute hampers with all locally sourced ingredients. For some retro inspired goods, check out all time fave Retro Momentos or some love for your lobes via Shop Bitsy.

Sydney. Perhaps some new tunes to keep you company? Repressed Records in Newtown also doing online shopping this year, why not support local business and local musicians?! Gould’s bookstore is an institution when it comes to second hand reads, Charlotte Allingham for First Nations handmade art and apparel and Liz Lau Studio for some lobe love.