How to host a clothes swap!

How to host a clothes swap!

Clothes swaps seem pretty popular these days and why wouldn’t they be?! It’s a great way to clean out your wardrobe, give something a new home and reduce fashion waste! It’s also a great excuse to have your friends over for afternoon tea, bringing all your unwanted clothes and accessories together for a potential new life. If you’ve been thinking of having one but don’t know where to start we’ve compiled a list of info that’ll help get you organised and ready to host!

It’s so lovely to get the gang together! You could invite just close friends, but do remember the more guests the more clothes and endless swopping potential! Don’t forget work colleagues or maybe you’ve got a nice group of friends from the gym or Mum’s from school. It’s super nice to make things exciting with an invitation via email or social media. It can be worth adding on the invite to bring items that are in good condition. The goal is to swap good pieces, so if everyone brings great items, it’s fair and fun!

As guests arrive let people mingle and introduce themselves. It’s a nice way to start the event and people can get a sense for everyone’s style and clothing measurements, which helps them when choosing items! That said you might be looking to up-cycle garments or see yourself anew so definitely don’t limit yourself. If the clothes speak to you, go for it!

Sort, Display and Swap!
Decisions should definitely be made about how to display the clothing – it makes things easier to see and sort. You can place things on clothes racks or in clear boxes on the floor. Have some hangers ready and baskets or boxes available. It’s also helpful to have a mirror on hand, and the bathroom or spare room free so everyone can try things on.

It can be a really good idea to discuss the ground rules before opening suitcases for business and play. There are a few ways to go about things! You can have people swap individual items one at a time or you can dive in the deep end and let everyone sift through the garments all at once! It’s pretty fun and exciting both ways, but some friends will have a preference. Why not take a simple vote at the start to see how you’ll begin? Towards the end when most of the clothes have been claimed, you might start seeing who wants the final pieces, bargain or swap a few pieces and then bag the remainder up to donate to a local charity shop. St Vincent De Paul, Life Line, RSPCA Op Shop and Red Cross all accept donations at their stores. OR – you might like to make a shared Suitcase Rummage stall with all of your donated items.

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Now that you’ve got all that sorted you’re ready to swop some clothes! Who’s with me?!