Introducing our Rummage Staff…. Say G’day to Maeve!

Introducing our Rummage Staff…. Say G’day to Maeve!

Maeve joined the Rummage team almost three years ago as our first ever intern and it hasn’t been the same since! (We mean that in the best way possible!). She has a stellar sense of humour, wears the best kinds of spots, dots and socks to our meetings, and keeps our spirits high with dance breaks in between (sometimes) maddening admin tasks. In her non Rummage time, Maeve does all sorts of creative, crafty and heart warming projects, which include daggy dancing and illustrating the older houses of West End. We love this big / little dork with all our hearts and we hope you enjoy learning a little more about her!

Can you tell us a little bit about your sweet self? I am a human being/bean who grew up in West End, Brisbane. I like headscarves and pattern clashes and I eat way too many salt & vinegar chips. I wish I could play the piano like Ben Folds, I wish I never had any self-doubt, and I wish I had more freckles. A huge chunk of my childhood was spent in a youth circus, called Flipside Circus and although I will forever remain wildly inflexible, I can still do a pretty good handstand. My appreciation for Lycra full body suits is also probably more than the average person. I’m no longer in the circus but it hugely contributed to my creativity and love of performing. For the most part, I now freelance as a graphic designer/illustrator and work for Raw Art, doing art workshops with kids. I also answer emails for Suitcase Rummage, write a lot of over enthusiastic captions on their Instagram and Facebook, and sometimes help set up the market in Brisbane City.

What do you like to do to keep your toes tapping and the nuerons in your brain firing? i.e. What do you do in your spare time? I love to dance. Not professionally or anything, just in a moving my body and being a fool kind of way. I also love the magazine LunchLady. The designs are beautiful and inconsistent and their recipes make me so nostalgic to my childhood lunches of weird leftovers that my friends looked at with noses turned up as they ate their pure sugar, over packaged, “fruit” roll-ups.

Is your creative process rigid, fluid, sporadic? And how do you stay in the groove? It’s sporadic and inconsistent. I yearn for routine but then when I’m in one I get bored. I work best at night and will probably never accept that I’m just not a morning person, no matter how hard I try to be. Because I’m interested in quite a few different creative things, I almost work on a different project each day. This is generally unproductive because it takes me so long to finish one project. I should probably focus on just one before moving on to the next, but meh.

What are your hopes, dreams and fantasies? I have so many, but one is that everyone feels comfortable and empowered to exercise in a way that suits them. I don’t think that exercise should be punishing and gruelling, or that you should feel guilty about eating something delicious or not exercising. Connecting with nature, with friends, with music, and not taking yourself seriously are my ideal ways to exercise and I wish that for every other human in existence.

What’s the best and/or the worst advice you’ve ever received? Best: You’re allowed to be happy. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone or do something because you think it’s expected of you. You also aren’t responsible for all the misfortune and problems within the world. You’re allowed to enjoy the small things that make you happy and not feel any guilt for that. * This was second hand advice, from my best friend’s dad. * Worst: “Oh, expiration dates don’t mean anything.” – my mum.

Where can we find your work?  I’ve got about a zillion Instagrams: @housesofwestend will be my main focus for this year! It’s where I’ll be documenting many of the great houses/homes in West End, the suburb I grew up in, by illustrating them. @daggydancing is where you’ll find illustrations of dancing beans and my suggestions for getting you to dance in the comfort of your own home. I’ll be doing a few Daggy Dancing classes as part of Youth Week this year in April, too. @flingoprojects was created by me and my friend Georgia for our creative projects. At the moment, it’s serving as a time capsule as I document roughly 22 years of accumulated STUFF underneath my parents’ house.@mevlej is my personal account, if you’d like to see my human form/real life shenanigans. Website here too!

Who would you have over for your dream dinner party and what would you serve up? My dad’s parents. They’re the grandparents I never met and I imagine they’d be as loving and warm as the rest of my dad’s family. Actually, on that note, I’ll add all my relatives (dead and alive) to the guest list. I know my mum would be deliriously happy to meet our ancestors and to learn all the family history. It would probably make for a pretty strange and loud dinner party but I would add Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, Alex Dyson, Myf Warfurst, Leigh Sales, Benjamin Law, Nazeem Hussain, Carl Barron, Jennifer Lawrence, and Saoirse Ronan to the table too. I would make pizza dough, have a whole table full of toppings, and everyone would assemble their own pizza. Then we’d cook them in a huge wood fired oven. There’d also be a fresh salad and for dessert we’d have Portuguese tarts! Oh baby.

What do you like about working for Suitcase Rummage? It’s nice working for something where the values align with my own. The market is a place where second hand and handmade treasures are appreciated. Stories are shared and you feel so much more connected to what you’re buying. Generally, people that email or people that attend the markets are also just so darn lovely.

What tips can you share about being aware of your impacts on the world? (Ethical fashion, sustainable living, recycling, composting, etc.) Extend the lives of your clothes. Treat them with care. And don’t buy them new, why would you need to when there is so much sweet second hand stuff around?

Which artists/thinkers/creatives are you obsessed with at the moment? Lately I have really been into the podcast of Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales, which is called Chat 10 Looks 3. Emma Louise writes beautiful music and is hilarious in her Instagram stories. Lisa Koesterke is my friend but even if she wasn’t I would still love her illustrations. I’m also really looking forward to the third season of The Family Law.

What are your favourite things to do in your city? Lunch at West End Coffee House; coffee at Blackstar or Strauss; yoga at Core Yoga; dance at No Lights No Lycra; drink at The End; shop at SWOP, Avid Reader or Nook; and sell stuff at a Suitcase Rummage!