Introducing our Rummage Staff… Say Hello to Anne!

Introducing our Rummage Staff… Say Hello to Anne!

We would like you to meet Anne, one of our finest Canberra Coordinators! We think all of our Rummage staff are a little la mode, but Anne seriously sets the bar when it comes to style! We recommend following her on socials for all things food and fashion.

Can you tell us a little bit about your sweet self? I’m a shopaholic and an amateur stylist.

What do you like to do to keep your toes tapping and the neurons in your brain
firing? i.e. What do you do in your spare time? Eat! I love trying out new foods and experimenting with different ingredients and flavour profiles.

Is your creative process rigid, fluid, sporadic? And how do you stay in the groove? Very sporadic – I’m also not very good at seeing creative projects through to the end! I tend to look to others to stay in the groove – people who I can bounce ideas off of.

Which artists/thinkers/creatives are you obsessed with at the moment? Being NYFW right now, probably Rihanna – her FentyxPuma collection was pretty amazing, not going to lie!

What are your hopes, dreams and fantasies? My only wish is for me to be constantly evolving and learning.

What’s the best or the worst advice you’ve ever received? “Just be yourself” – that’s probably singlehandedly the best and the worst advice anyone can give!

Who would you have over for your ideal dinner party and what would you serve up?
Probably the entire cast of Would I Lie to You – and I’ll be serving my signature dish, spiced lamb and cauliflower pie, with a warm triple chocolate brownie for dessert.

What do you like about working for Suitcase Rummage? The really amazing people I get to meet as a result, as well as feeling like I’m doing my bit in fostering that sense of community here.

What tips can you share about being aware of your impacts on the world? Doing a bit of research about your carbon footprint and making sure you understand how making small changes to your daily habits could make a difference – for example, to remember to not pour grease down the drain as it’s terrible for the environment!

What are your favourite things to do in your city? Canberra has a number of great small art galleries – that’s my favourite thing to do right now, visiting gallery openings and connecting with the vibrant art scene.

Where can we find your work? You can catch a glimpse of my inner workings on my Instagram at @brotherhe.