Isolation Recommendations

Isolation Recommendations
Image / Illustration by Abbey Lossing.

Whilst being in lockdown presents it’s challenges, here at Suitcase Rummage HQ we have been trying to see more time indoors as a chance to catch up on creative and stimulating literature! There’s so many books we’ve had piled up on the dresser and movie recommendations from friends that we’ve meant to see. Scheduling something in each day has been a nice way to feel engaged and learn new information in a time that’s uncertain and stressful. 

We’d love to hear how you’ve been spending your time! Any crafty or creative pursuits, any book or podcast recommendations? Please send them through to us!

TV Series

Alice: Pride and Prejudice 1995 BBC

Daniele: High Fidelity, Tiger King, Seinfeld (yep, from start to finish. Highly recommended!)

Emily: The Last Dance (Michael Jordan/Chicago Bulls Doco), Community (from start to finish), PEN 15 (on Stan)


Alice: Montaigne Don’t Break Me, Tom Misch feat. Loyle Carner Crazy Dream, Julia Jackin Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You

Daniele: Tiny Ruins Me At The Museum, Cass McCoombs Bum Bum Bum, Donny Benet Konichiwa

Emily: Love for the Sake of Love – Claudia Barry, I Like Your Style – Tony Wilson, Steve Biko (Stir It Up) – A Tribe Called Quest.


Alice: 2040 Damon Gameau, John Wick, Howl’s Moving Castle 

Daniele: BlacKkKlansman, Marriage Story, Okja, Star Wars

Emily: My Neighbour Totoro, Moonrise Kingdom, Sister Act 1 & 2


Alice: How To Do Nothing by Jenny Odell, How Powerful We Are by Sally Rugg

Daniele: Cherry Beach by Laura McPhee-Browne, A Constant Hum by Alice Bishop, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

Emily: City of Trees by Sophie Cunningham, The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson, Just Kids by Patti Smith, The Power by Namoi Alderman


Alice: Offline with Alison Rice, Wardrobe Crisis Clare Press

Daniele: All in the Mind by RN, On Being with Krista Tippet, Branch Out (Royal Botanic Garden)

Emily: Routines & Ruts, A Piece of Work with Abbi Jacobson, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness


Daniele: Retrosweat Instagram live streams, Yoga with Adrienne, Sugar Pop Fitness Barre, Jane Fonda on Youtube (must bust out leg warmers for these ones!)

Emily: Yoga with Adrienne, Rollerfit instagram roller skating classes, Ryan Heffington Instagram Live dance classes


We’ve also found this incredible culmination of artsy things to do at home (from comic book workshops to virtual tours of MoMA) rather helpful to keep our busy brains occupied: you’re welcome!

We hope you enjoy some of our recommendations and find discover something new!

Big love,

Daniele, Emily and Alice xo