It’s our Birthday!

It’s our Birthday!

Hey! It’s our Birthday!

10 years ago we had a hair brained idea that turned into a reality. It’s pretty crazy when we really sit down to think about. A decade of Suitcase Rummages!! 

If you had asked us 10 years ago if we’d still be here, we probably would have scoffed at such a preposterous remark! But here we are. Still peddling suitcases, still advocating for sustainable fashion, still changing habits and minds and filling our homes with the best kinds of second hand, thrifted and handmade wares from all around the country.

It’s hard to describe and summarise all that’s happened. Between stall holders growing up, moving in together, leaving Rummage for bigger markets or because their online shop got so busy, to all our wonderful creatives and makers who’ve joined the Rummage team, to all the incredible stories, smiles and strange conversations that really do only take place at flea markets! We’ve loved every minute of it.

We had a big birthday bash planned. With live music, cake, a Rummage photo booth! But ya know, things change. If you had asked us if our 10th birthday would be postponed because of a pandemic, we probably would have scoffed at such a preposterous remark!! But here we are.

We’re all still here and we can celebrate together. Pop on some tunes, put on a fancy frock, maybe bake us a cake?! If you have a birthday message for us please share it on social media. We’d love to hear what Rummage means to you 🙂 

Thanks for all your support over this wonderful decade! And the next!

p.s here are all the cakes we wish we were eating right now…