Laneway Festival Markets

Laneway Festival Markets

Suitcase Rummage is excited to announce that we will be coordinating the market stalls for St Jerome’s Laneway Festival on Saturday January 31st 2015!

This market is a different set up to our normal Rummage’s and is partnering with the Festival, so please read the information carefully before applying.

We will be setting up both traditional Market Stalls (that is with a marquee, racks, tables etc) as well as Suitcase Rummage Stalls (Rummage Stalls are strictly on the ground, no racks, no tables, only suitcases).

Registrations for traditional Market Stalls (Marquee Stalls) are OPEN NOW! You can apply online here.

Registrations for the Suitcase Rummage Stalls will open in a few weeks. So, if that set up interests you more, stay tuned for registrations to open!

Please note, there is a difference in price, set up and size for both styles of stalls. Please make sure you read the information carefully before registering!

Marquee Stalls are $125 per stall (it includes entry for 2 people, is strictly 3m x 3m in size and must have a marquee. Racks, tables, and other infrastructure is allowed. This stall runs from 11am – midnight strictly.)

Suitcase Rummage Stalls will be $65 per stall (it includes entry for 1 person only, is strictly 1m x 1.5m in size and set up on the ground. No racks, no tables, no marquee. This stall runs from 11am – 5pm strictly.)