Rummage Picnics!

Rummage Picnics!

A few months ago, we discovered that a keen Rummager called Chloe, who goes by @ribletrollfriday on Instagram, had started something called Rummage Picnics as a place for fashion appreciators to meet, talk about fashion and become friends! It’s a lovely community minded idea and we’re chuffed that Suitcase Rummage could serve as the meeting place and commonality between the picnickers. Make sure to read our interview with Chloe below and see how you can get involved! 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m Riblet (formally known as Chloe) and I adore clothes. I run my little Instagram page (@ribletrollfriday) where I post fit pics. Fit pics are an Instagram photo taken for the sole purpose of showcasing your outfit, often using strong colour coordination for aesthetic  purposes and normally the background matches the colour of the outfit (thank you, Urban Dictionary). I like to prove that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive and also promote sustainability through conscious action when purchasing clothes and being informed on where they’re from/been made. I made a little community, called Rummage Picnics, to introduce and pass on this message to other fashion forward people and to also create a safe and happy environment for locals.

Do you remember when you first got into fashion and why? I feel like I’ve always been into fashion and would always strive to be dressed the best. I started taking ‘fit pics’ in the middle of 2018 and at the end of that year made @ribletrollfriday. I’ve always been quite a nervous and anxious person, but fashion has provided me with some much-needed confidence and has connected me with so many incredible people. There are so many layers to fashion and a crazy variety of looks/vibes that can be achieved to show the universe that this is you. It creates a look that you’ll be judged and perceived on for the day and it’s so nice to have control over that.

What do you think makes an outfit exciting and special? Anything can make an outfit exciting and special! Your favourite accessory, the colour coordination, etc. But the best thing is the feeling of confidence when wearing an outfit. I feel it’s quite a personal thing to choose what to wear as mentioned before, it’s how the world will view you for the day and how you choose to express yourself. It can make anything feel special and exciting! I personally like when I’ve pulled together an entire look that includes hair, makeup and even sock length. I love attention to detail even if others wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, it’s comforting to know you’ve done your best.

What do you like about Suitcase Rummage? I am well and truly in love with Suitcase Rummage! You never know what you’re going to find. It’s always fun going for a dig and finding some goodies, without breaking the bank. The best thing about the rummage is its message of sustainability. It always makes an outfit better when you know you’re doing good for the environment as well as being fashionable. I honestly haven’t missed a rummage since I first started coming to them (I was grounded at one point and convinced my parents to come with me to the rummage so I didn’t miss out)!

Why do you think it’s important for people, and young people in particular, to connect with each other through fashion? I feel it’s important for fashion inspired young people to connect, as it provides a supportive community. School (particularly with the rise of social media) doesn’t always have the nicest and most accepting environment for trying new things. I wanted to make a place where we can all provide support and growth for our individual styles!

Do you have a favourite item that you’ve found at a Suitcase Rummage? Probably my favourite rummage find was a pair of red and black rollerblades for $5. Most of my wardrobe now is rummaged and I can’t even keep up. There’s always just such good stuff! I like to think if I talk about a brand/clothing piece/accessory I really want, it’ll eventually spawn at the rummage in the next couple of weeks. My most recent manifesting starred the expensive brand, Unif. I’ve managed to find some amazing pieces (rainbow tee, black patent mini backpack, yellow teddy bear coat and beret) from Unif for under $30 and they’re normally originally for $100+ USD.

Why do you think it’s important to thrift and buy second-hand fashion? I believe that second-hand fashion is amazing and always a good choice for a number of reasons. Not only is it a cheaper alternative but it’s also sustainable! Passing on and thrifting clothes gives it another life! For the past year, I’ve mainly been buying from thrifts/second-hand clothing places and it always makes me feel better knowing that even my little contribution can help. The best thing about thrifting is the uniqueness of the clothes! You never know what you’re going to find!

What inspired you to start Rummage Picnics? The inspiration behind ‘Rummage Picnics’ began with my introduction into Brisbane’s fashion community. I was connected to a lot of fashion-lovers through Cheep Store’s VIP openings and Instagram mutuals. I decided that it’d be amazing if there was one local place we could all meet and bond. Making it after the Suitcase Rummage was easy as I always attended them and could also tie in a message of sustainable and cheap fashion!

If you could invite any guests, dead or alive, to your ideal picnic, who would you have along? I’m a big fan of PAQ. They’re a fashion group of four English men that make weekly YouTube videos with fashion challenges. They’re very open minded and openly promote sustainability with thrifting challenges and they’re also not shy to push gender norms (boys in skirts!) in the fashion community. I’d love to make fairy bread for them.

What picnic goods would you eat and where in the world would you be?  One of my new-found picnic friends, Georgia, makes the best muffins and brownies! I would never trade her goods for anything.

What does a typical Rummage Picnic look like? The actual picnic section takes place after we’re done rummaging (we generally rummage from 11:00am to 1:00pm-2:00pmISH). We wander down in little packs as I don’t like having strict timelines, everyone goes whenever they’re ready. Most us are high school kiddos (normally year 10-12) but some uni friends pop in too! During the rummage, all the picnickers (new and old) come up to me and say hi so I can keep track of who showed up! Because it’s a laid-back event and it’s pretty much self-sustained, anyone can come and go as they please and they’re able to contact me via Instagram DMs for updates on where we are!

How can people get involved in a Rummage Picnic? I have a story highlight on @ribletrollfriday with an outline of how they generally work! I post any updates on my story. My DMs are always open to anyone that has any questions or concerns.