Stall Feature of the Month!

Stall Feature of the Month!

Introducing Anita from Myclectic! …

We caught up with Anita, a Rummager who’s been with us from way back! She gifted us lots of helpful advice for new crafters and gave us the lowdown on her own Rummage sales and surprises, all while being a one woman show who runs a micro business from her lounge room.

Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? And why?

I am the face behind the label ‘myclectic’, a handmade micro micro micro business run from my lounge room at home.

Why do you do what you do?

I love it, but you know that already.Who are some other artists, crafters, creatives that you love? I’m currently obsessed with a very new worker of clay, Rose Jensen Holm. She is so talented. Her work is earthy, yet meticulous and has an Italian flavour. I love so many Potters but Rose is my favourite.

I also admire Kirsten from the label Each To Own because of her tenacity in the Handmade world despite unfortunate likenesses of her work popping up around Social Media land. She has an amazing business Nous which is admirable. She’s really making a go of her label.

Another favourite creative is Michelle Auer, the face behind “The Attic”. Michelle has a great outlook on life and expresses her own personal creativity through many mediums, which inspires me to keep on doing what I love.

What excites you?

I get excited when my brain thinks up an idea and then I visualise the process. I don’t use patterns, they form in my head. That’s the fun part. This happens mostly while I am going for a long walk.

We think of a rummage stall as a mini shopfront, how do you make your rummage stall your own?

I have a collection of very beautiful and well-travelled vintage suitcases which I use, not only to cart my things around, but as part of my shop front set up. Whether on the ground at a Rummage or on a table at a Market. My suitcases are a well-recognised identifying mark of the label ‘myclectic’. As a matter of fact, I have even attached vinyl lettering to them to form my signage. I have occasionally thought I should change my setup, and have tried a few different ways, but I always come back to my suitcases and any other vintage props I find.

Can you offer any tips on setting up a rummage stall? 

Yes, I have a few ‘hand me down’ tips that work a treat.

1. Set up an awesome display to attract attention. Important!!!

2. Be friendly to everyone without making them feel uncomfortable or


3. Get to know your neighbour and help each other out.

4. Have a few sale items but never under sell your new stuff. Trust me, I have

sold earrings for $5 as a clearance sale, but I have also sold an original oil

painting of mine for $180. Yes, AT SUITCASE RUMMAGE!!

Here are a few DO NOT do’s:

1. Try not to look bored and uninterested and spend too much time scrolling

on your phone (even if it is boring)

2. Don’t complain to other stallholders about how quiet it is (even if it is).

3. And be careful about not blocking prospective customers to someone else’s

shopfront because of ‘chatting’.

What is the next step for you? What does the future hold?

A few personal goals for me have been to improve in my product photography on my Instagram account. And, to keep adding stock to my Etsy shop. I will never stop making!

What’s your favourite place or thing to do in your city?

My favourite part of Brisbane would have to be the Brisbane River. I love to walk or bike along it.

Where can we find and follow you? 

I am a prolific IG poster over at @leather_by_myclectic & @myclectic

My Etsy shop is under the same name – myclectic

What do you like about attending Suitcase Rummage?

I love the broad range of customers we get to meet and share our work with. Suitcase Rummage has such an Outdoor Bazaar feel about it. And it is so simple to apply for, no fuss. I also think it is becoming a bit of an Icon. I love being a part of that too.