Stall Feature of the Month!

Stall Feature of the Month!

The 80s called and it’s super happy that the ‘scrunchie’ is still kicking! It’s the hair accessory that just won’t quit, and why would we want it to?

This is the question we imagine Emily Gomersall asks herself daily as she hand makes scrunchies from lush velvet and quality cotton fabrics. We sat down with the sweet scrunchie enthusiast to hear about her love of crafting and vintage clothing.

Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? My name is Emily Gomersall and I’m 18 years old. I started making and selling scrunchies a few months ago when I realised they were making a comeback! I also love thrift shopping and selling clothes online.

Why do you do what you do? I’ve always been into fashion and making things! I enjoy making scrunchies and selling clothes. It always helps me unwind and I have so much fun searching for new fabrics and clothes.

Who are some other artists, crafters, creatives that you love? And why? I don’t have a particular artist/crafter/creative that I love. Honestly anyone on Instagram that sells awesome, vintage clothes or scrunchies is someone who inspires me and helps me to work on growing my accounts!

What excites you? The thing that excites me most would have to be grabbing a bargain on anything to do with fashion, enter thrift shops and markets! My favourite places to be!

We think of a rummage stall as a mini shopfront, how do you make your rummage stall your own? I like to have all my clothes displayed neatly on a large piece of fabric with my scrunchies in two pretty baskets, with some handwritten signs.

Can you offer any tips on setting up a rummage stall? I think making sure everything is neat and within eye view really draws people in. Get creative with how you set up your wares!

What is the next step for you? What does the future hold? In the future, I see myself opening a second-hand vintage clothing store, where I would also be able to sell my scrunchies!

What’s your favourite place or thing to do in your city? I love spending time in the city, grabbing a coffee at a local cafe or discovering new vintage/thrift shops.

What do you like about attending Suitcase Rummage? Suitcase Rummage would have to be my favourite market! I love how it’s right in the city and enjoy rummaging and grabbing some bargains!

Where can we find and follow you? You can find me on Instagram! My scrunchie account is: @scrunchiesbyem and my clothes account is: @thriftedgrabs And I will most definitely always be at the Suitcase Rummage markets in Brisbane City!