Stall Feature of the Month!

Stall Feature of the Month!

Rebecca began her blogging journey in 2012 with the HunterGatherers. She’s a passionate thrifter (which we love) and is practical and candid about shopping second hand as a uni student and as a Mum. If you are looking for some really great tips on shopping from markets or thrift stores, Rebecca shares plenty! Her instagram and ethos are a testament to her creativity for sourcing great items, as well as her drive to motivate people – to gain a new perspective on their wardrobe. Read on!

Can you tell us a little about who you are and what you do? My name is Rebecca, I’m a lifelong thrifter, collector of old things and creative. People have always asked me about thrifting so I began a blog on WordPress in 2012, eventually I moved to Instagram and have since shared all I know about thrifting there.  

Have you always enjoyed thrifting/thrifted style? My parents collected Australian antiques, so second hand was second nature to me. As I began to shop for myself in my teens, I loved the diversity of fashion on offer, in op shops, ranging across decades. As a student, second hand prices were in my budget. When I moved out of home, I furnished my place with all preloved. As a mother with children growing at the speed of light, it seemed pointless to buy new items compared to what I could thrift in the same condition. Second hand was always my first option. 

What first got you into selling your 2nd hand wares?  I pass onto friends or donate back most things, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to recoup some money. I also knew there were so many incredible items in op shops that weren’t right for me but would be amazing for someone else. I began rescuing them, mending/refurbishing to get them loved again. It’s so great to see these things diverted from landfill. 

Do you have any tips for Rummager’s when they visit the market? ie style/finding clothes/what to look for? Look at everything and then go back at look at it all again. On the way back you’ll find things have moved or the price has dropped. Go early to snap up the best finds. Be friendly, have a chat with the seller. Ask the background on an item, maybe it’s backpacked across Europe, maybe it was a family heirloom, maybe it was custom made? Take small cash. No one wants to break a $50 for a $4 sale. Wear a hat. BYO shopping bag. 

What are your 2nd hand styling tips, for pairing thrifted wares? Break the rules. Ditch the trends. Just try different things and if you love it, own it. 

Do you have any hot tips for preserving and caring for your favourite pre-loved clothes and accessories? I have so many tips! I share them all on my Instagram page. The key is to take proper care of your things everyday. I’m going to put on my mum voice and tell you to use good coat hangers, learn how to launder like a pro, clean your shoes, use a sunglasses case and learn some basic mending skills. 

What do you enjoy about attending suitcase rummage? I love the concept of the suitcase set up. So much easier as a seller to not have to wrangle clothing racks, tables or a marquee. The low stall fee compared to other markets means that you can afford to offer good pricing which is a win/win. You get to move more stock and the lower pricing overall brings in more customers. 

How do you feel about fast fashion and do you incorporate any sustainable/environmentally friendly practices into your life? Striving for sustainable solutions is easier when it becomes part of your everyday. I do what I can. I aim for progress over perfection. I believe in voting with your dollar. I share lots of my thrifted outfits and how I style my home with preloved on my Insta. I want to inspire and motivate others to buy second hand first, to think outside of the retail box and look at what is already around them.  

What’s your favourite place or thing to do in your city? I love to visit markets on the weekend. To be outside wandering amongst the stalls, chatting with the vendors, discovering clever artisans making beautiful things or finding a preloved treasure. I shout out the various Sydney markets every Friday on my stories. 

Where can we find and follow you?
@nestartstore (Make sure you also check out this beautiful instagram page where Rebecca and her daughters share and sell their handmade creations)

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