Terms and Conditions

1. Sales are only to be made from your suitcase. There are to be no gazebo’s, fold out tables, clothing racks etc – everything must fit in your suitcase. If any Suitcase Holders are found setting up these (or something of the like), you will be asked to pack them down. As our name suggests – it’s sales out of suitcases, so your goods must be packed in a suitcase accordingly! Please do not arrive with your items in canvas bags, boxes, plastic carriers etc. Not only do we want to keep the aesthetic of Suitcase Rummage, it is not designed to be a full scale, conventional market. It is literally a Suitcase Rummage!

2. Arrivals and Departures. All Suitcase Holders must have their names ticked off by the advertised start time of the market. Check in will open 1 hour before the event. We understand that some of you travel quite a distance to get here, and sometimes there are extreme circumstances – but please just give us a call and let us know you’re running late.We need to start the Rummage on time at midday, as this is the time we advertise. Also, no Suitcase Holders are to start packing up before the advertised closing time of the event. Again, if we have advertised the Rummage to finish at 5pm, it’s not a good reputation for the Rummage if punters turn up at 4:30 and half the market has been packed up. You’re also missing out on potential sales!!

3. As Suitcase Rummage, we have a few ideals we want to stick to. We are advocates for recycling wares (of all kinds), and supporters of local artists, designers and non for profit organisations. Therefore, if you’re wares are mass produced or for commercial gain, then Suitcase Rummage is not the place for you. We will ask you to pack up your suitcase if you have not been honest with us about your products.

4. Suitcase Rummage takes no responsibility for the safe keeping of personal property of stallholders or rummagers while at the event. The security of your takings, goods and personal items is your own responsibility.

5. Workplace Health and Safety Suitcase Rummage encourages safe workplace practices when it comes to the handling of heavy equipment, particularly your suitcases. Please remember your own safety when carrying your equipment, and ask for assistance if needed. Suitcase Rummage is not liable for injury caused by the incorrect carrying of equipment.

6. Suitcase Rummage is an outdoor market and event. It is the responsibility of individuals to ensure they have appropriate sun protection including, hat, umbrella, sunscreen and water. Suitcase Rummage is not liable for any weather related issues, including but not limited to: cancellations, damage of product or injury.

7. We have a NO Refund policy. We currently do not offer refunds for stall fees and cannot transfer your stall fees to another month or event. We will refund all stall fees if the event is cancelled by Suitcase Rummage and only in this instance. If you do not agree with this policy, then please think carefully before you purchase your ticket online.

8. Please take all your possessions and rubbish with you when you leave. Please dispose of any food waste and rubbish appropriately – recycle any bits that can be recycled!! If you have other items you no longer want to keep (i.e clothing items, books etc) please donate these to a local charity or op shop at the end of the market.

9. Covid-19 Safe Practices. All stall holders must adhere to Covid-19 restrictions and measures, including social distancing. Suitcase Rummage will do everything we can to monitor and manage the flow of traffic through the markets, communicate restrictions and put in place safe market practices. It is the stall holders responsibility to ensure good personal hygiene and social distancing within their stall. If we find any stall holders who are not adhering to the restrictions or safety measures, they will be asked to leave and are not entitled to a refund. Please be responsible and sensible, do not come to the market if you are unwell, bring your own hand sanitiser, wash your hands regularly and notify our staff if there are any issues on the day.

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It’s a simple idea. Fill your suitcase with your wares, and travel to our designated spot on the day. Sell your wonderful goods old style. No hassle. No fuss. Good ol’ fashion markets! We would love to have you along. Just let us know you’re coming.