The Hidden Lanes Festival

The Hidden Lanes Festival

Brisbanites get ready! We will be teaming up with the creative crew behind this year’s Hidden Lanes Festival in The Valley – and boy oh boy, it’s sure to be a treat!

The Hidden Lanes Festival is the culmination of Winn, Bakery and California lanes coming together to celebrate its collective tenants, that will wet the palette of its patrons in a festival celebrating fashion, food, music, art, and entertainment.

The festival has curated a range of discovery trails in Music, Heritage, Food + Wine, Fashion + Beauty, and Art that will showcase culinary creations, wide-ranging fashions, and exciting national acts including the headline performance from THE DELTA RIGGS.

We will have a Suitcase Rummage set up along Lucky’s Lane (this is a hidden laneway off Ann Street, just beside The Beat). There will be road closures, a whole lot of ruckus and fun! And, some fine ‘ol Rummaging! We are doing things a little differently this time around and while all our stalls are still suitcase style, we will be providing tables along the laneway for our Rummagers to set up on. Just so it’s a bit easier to deal with the crowds, the space and well, so you don’t have to deal with the Valley floors!!

Registrations are open if you would like to join us for a stall, we sure would like it if you did! Spaces are limited though, so best be quick!