Tips for Plastic Free Living!

Tips for Plastic Free Living!

Did you know that it’s Plastic Free July?

What does that mean we hear you ask?! It’s a challenge to try and live without the use of single-use plastic (things like straws, plastic wrapped packaging on food items for example). The aim of the challenge is to raise awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic and challenges us to do something about it!

What started as an idea of the Earth Carers Waste Education team at the Western Metropolitan Regional Council in WA, has expanded with people taking on the challenge across the country. One of our good friends (writer and multi tasking goddess Linsey Rendell) has written about her personal challenges over at Peppermint Magazine. You can read her article here!

While we didn’t formally take on the challenge this month, the three of us in the Rummage team do take our slow and eco approach to living rather seriously! We’re no plastic saving saints and we all have a looong way to go!  But, we have taken head of our own advice and practicing what we preach. We know it’s quite a big issue to tackle and it IS challenging! Particularly when the ways things function in our society are so based on convenience and efficiency. We think it’s about changing a few of our daily habits, and yes, a small change can make a big difference!

So, we’ve put together a little list of some tips we have found helpful. If you have any others, please write to us and let us know!!

Tips For Plastic Free Living:

  • Say no to plastic bags (Use a canvas tote or basket! Put one in you car, bicycle or keep at your office for those times you forget or need it on the fly!)
  • Say no to straws! We really don’t need them in our drinks and turtles don’t need them in their life! EVER!
  • Go old school! Use brown paper bags for your lunches and left overs. Then recycle them! Perhaps you could start to transition from a paper bag drawer instead of a plastic bag one.
  • Dine in! Enjoy that coffee! Or, take your keep cup with you in the morning and on your lunch break. If you have a local restaurant where you get your takeaway, ask what kind of packaging they use (so they become more aware!) or better yet, take your own containers.
  • Re-use your water bottle or better yet, get a stainless steel or glass one. You can take it with you everywhere. Stay hydrated!
  • Think about what you buy and the packaging it comes in. Where you can, buy your food at bulk stores (that way you can put your rice, chickpeas, coconut, flour straight into the jars you use at home. And your fruit and veggies straight into your basket!).
  • Refill rather than buy new. It takes a little more forward planning, but it’s so easy to take a jar or bottle with you to fill up your dishwashing liquid or hand soap. Places like (handmade naturals, sourced) are great for this!
  • Share the love! Tell your friends, talk about it! We’re always so surprised how many people don’t know about local food markets, or where the local whole foods store is; that they can recycle their wine bottle and fill it up with kombucha or iced tea; that we have local makers who produce chemical free cleaning products and you can refill (for much cheaper than the big stores!). Help spread the awareness and make it a positive change! It doesn’t have to be hard, more expensive or inconvenient. In fact, we find the opposite!


Plastic Free July: the reality