We have three supremely splendid Suitcase Rummage locations in the heart of Melbourne. You can find us set up in Northcote (Northcote Arts Centre, High Street), North Melbourne (as part of the Spring Fling Festival!) and our newest location in South Melbourne (South Melbourne Town Hall Forecourt).

We list all our upcoming Rummages below as registrations for stall spaces open. Please read the information carefully and click on the register tab below to book.

*Please note: Due to the covid-19 crisis, registrations for all upcoming events are on hold until further notice


What: Suitcase Rummage

When: Registrations on hold until further notice

Where: Northcote Arts Centre, Hight Street, Northcote 

Cost: $25 + bf to register a stall

*please note locations is outdoors

Registrations on hold until further notice

South Melbourne

What: Suitcase Rummage

When: Registrations on hold until further notice

Where: South Melbourne Town Hall Forecourt, Fishly Street, South Melbourne (please note, this is an outdoor market)

Cost: $25 + bf to register a stall

Registrations on hold until further notice

Terms & Conditions

s literally a Suitcase Rummage!

2. Arrivals and Departures. All Suitcase Holders must have their names ticked off by the advertised start time of the market. Check in will open 1 hour before the event. We understand that some of you travel quite a distance to get here, and sometimes there are extreme circumstances – but please just give us a call and let us know you’re running late.We need to start the Rummage on time, as this is the time we advertise. Also, no Suitcase Holders are to start packing up before the advertised closing time of the event. Again, if we have advertised the Rummage to finish at 5pm, it’s not a good reputation for the Rummage if punters turn up at 4:30 and half the market has been packed up. You’re also missing out on potential sales!!

3. As Suitcase Rummage, we have a few ideals we want to stick to. We are advocates for recycling wares (of all kinds), and supporters of local artists, designers and non for profit organisations. Therefore, if you’re wares are mass produced or for commercial gain, then Suitcase Rummage is not the place for you. We will ask you to pack up your suitcase if you have not been honest with us about your products.

4. Suitcase Rummage takes no responsibility for the safe keeping of personal property of stallholders or rummagers while at the event. The security of your takings, goods and personal items is your own responsibility.

5. Suitcase Rummage encourages safe workplace practices when it comes to the handling of heavy equipment, particularly your suitcases. Please remember your own safety when carrying your equipment, and ask for assistance if needed. Suitcase Rummage is not liable for injury caused by the incorrect carrying of equipment.

6. We have a NO Refund policy. We currently do not offer refunds for stall fees and can not transfer your stall fees to another month or event. We will refund all stall fees if the event is cancelled by Suitcase Rummage and only in this instance. If you do not agree with this policy, then please think carefully before you purchase your ticket online.

Frequently Asked Questions!
How much is it to have a stall? It costs $25 to register for a stall at Suitcase Rummage. This fee covers your registration and public liability insurance. When do registrations open? For our regular events (Brisbane – City and Melbourne – Federation Square – Registrations open at 9am the day after the last eventSo for example, registrations for the Sunday July 7 Brisbane event open  the day after the Sunday June 2 event at 9am on Monday June 3. Registations for our pop up and one off events happen open at different times throughout the year. Keep an eye out on our blog and facebook page for when registrations are open.  How many suitcases can I bring once I’ve registered? You can bring up to 3 suitcases for a registered stall space. What’s the size of a stall space? The size of stall spaces vary. As a rough guide, we go off the size of a standard picnic rug for the size of a stall space. This is roughly 1.5m x 1m space allocation. What can I sell? You can sell anything that is handmade and hand crafted, second-hand, recycled, vintage, local, designed, sustainable – anything really! However, we don’t allow anything that is new, imported and mass produced.

I’ve registered for a stall but now can’t make it – can I get a refund or transfer my registration to another month? No, our terms and conditions are clear that we cannot provide a refund or transfer a registration to another month. We will only provide a refund if we cancel an event. If you want to sell your registered spot, you could visit our facebook page and post that you are wanting to sell your space. We send people there who missed out on a space and are looking to find a space if possible. If this occurs, you will need to let us know that there is a name change to that registered space. We will only transfer your registration to the next month if we cancel an event (we will ask if you want this to happen).  I’ve missed out on registering for a space because the Rummage has all sold out – can I get squeezed into a spot, or can I be put on a waiting list? How can I get access to a spot due to cancellations? The events do sell out quickly but unfortunately we can’t squeeze you in. This is because we have obligations around numbers for insurance purposes and venue limits. We don’t have an official waiting list but the best option we suggest is to visit our facebook page and see if people are selling their registered space. You can then arrange with them privately to buy their ticket. You will need to notify us of the name change if you do manage to make one. When do registrations open again?  Registrations open at 9am the day after our last event for that city. So, for example, if we have an event in Brisbane on Sunday 3rd February, registrations for the next Brisbane event will open at 9am Monday 4th February. This is the case for all of our regular events. Can I bring a friend(s) to sit with me for the day? Yes, for any of our regular Rummages you can bring a friend to sit with you on the day. They do not have to register for a space if they are not bringing any suitcases along. You can share your registration space with them as long as the total number of suitcases for your registered space does not exceed 3 suitcases. Occasionally we hold one off events in partnership with other organisations where we are unable to allow you to bring a friend along – this will be made clear in the particular event details. Can I bring a chair to sit on? What about an umbrella for shade? Yes, you can bring a chair, stool, pillow or something to sit on. We recommend it! We also recommend you bring a hat, sunscreen and water (particularly for the outdoor events) to shade yourself from the sun. You can bring a hand held umbrella also. No large beach umbrellas (or other infrastructure) are allowed though. Can I bring a clothes rack to hang my clothes on? No, you can not bring a clothes rack or any other piece of (large) infrastructure. You must display your wares using your suitcases. There are many creative ways of using your suitcases to best display your goods. Have a play! Check out our Gallery section for some ideas. What happens if it rains? How will I know if the Rummage is cancelled? Do you cancel it the day before? We decide on the day if the weather is bad enough to cancel the event. We notify our stall holders via email as well as post the cancellation on our facebook page and blog. We will notify you 2 hours before the event if it is cancelled. If you don’t hear from us – assume that the event is on!  Do I need to register and pay $25 to come along to check it all out as a buyer? No! It is free entry to attend Suitcase Rummage. You only need to register if you want to have a stall space to sell your wares. 

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