We’ve got you covered!

We’ve got you covered!

With the second wave of coronavirus sending Melbourne into stage 4 lockdown, makers around the country have been rallying together to sew face masks for their communities. In true style, the creative community has brought fashion and practical together to create a range of fun face masks to reduce your risk of transmitting coronavirus.

While surgical masks are still the safest to use, they are best reserved for medical professionals, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Surgical masks are also single use and add to landfill, so we recommend using a reusable mask when out and about. We’ve compiled a list of handmade and locally made reusable masks:

Ethical Clothing Australia has a great list of ethically and locally made face masks on their website. https://ethicalclothingaustralia.org.au/buy-face-masks-made-ethically-australia/ 

Well Made Clothes has a list on their website of local labels with ethical values making masks. https://wellmadeclothes.com.au/articles/UpdatedListOfLocalLabelsMakingMasks/ 

Sister Works are a non profit social enterprise that empower migrant women through work and are selling masks from their online shop. https://sisterworks.org.au/product-category/reusable-face-masks/ 

The Social Studio is a not for profit social enterprise dedicated to improving providing support, education and job opportunities to young Australians from refugee or migrant backgrounds. The Social Studio is making masks for sale and also has a great DIY mask tutorial on YouTube. https://tssmedicalscrubs.myshopify.com/products/reusable-face-mask

Blak Business has a great list of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses making face masks, on their instagram @blakbusiness
Check out:
Clothing The Gap
Yarli Creative

We also recommend checking out a few of our Rummage stall holders that are selling face masks including:

  • Eugie Upcycled is selling handmade masks from up-cycled fabrics. You can purchase them via instagram at @eugie.upcycled. 
  • Retro Mementos is selling handmade masks using vintage and new fabrics. www.etsy.com/au/shop/retromementos
  • Get Scrunched is making masks and scrunchies from vintage and 2nd hand fabrics, available for purchase via instagram @getsscrunched
  • You can pick up a hand made face masks by @sawadyandco at our Brisbane Suitcase Rummage market.

Last but not least, check out Brisbane local, Alice Nightingale, who has a range of super cute handmade masks. Her focus on using secondhand, vintage and locally produced fabrics means her designs are not only hand made to outlast fast fashion cycles, but are also environmentally and socially sustainable. https://alice-nightingale.myshopify.com/collections/accessories 

Gorgeous face masks featured are by Alice Nightingale, @retromementos and @eugie.upcycled