I was having a little think lately about how I can do festivals better, more inline with my views on the planet. We’ve all felt rushed at the last minute and done a quick dash to the city or ordered something online a few days before. This one off occasion shopping isn’t the best for the environment and there’s a list of other issues at play.

Let’s not shy away from the impact fast fashion has had in teaming up with key influencers on instagram to promote itself via huge clothing haul vlogs. You can definitely notice around this time of year (Festival season) the digital sphere becomes swamped with ads promoting cheap/unethical clothing, all buying into the age old adage that you can’t wear the same thing twice and that MORE is better. Lots of instagram big names agree to promoting f/f brands which in 2019 is kinda disappointing. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your fave peeps that have a platform also polish up their moral compass? There’s still $$$ in representing brands that are taking a planetary stance. Now more than ever we need corporate responsibility and that includes individuals making a living from web based promotion!

So let’s debunk some myths; why has NEW got this reputation as BETTER. We simply do not agree and here’s proof it ain’t going to serve you well this festival season.

Fast fashion isn’t made of the best materials. It can feel super crappy on the skin and who wants to scratch an itch when you can be living your best life soaking up the beautiful beats? It also isn’t going to serve you well in extreme heat or cold either. Festival fashion is problematic first and foremost because of what’s it’s made of. When I spoke to Naomi of The Sewloist she explained to me about the synthetic nature of a lot of these garments. Lurex, rayon, polyester, polyurethane, PVA, latex, nylon and vinyl make up most of these clothes. They are directly linked with water pollution, chemical excretion, deforestation, plastic, petroleum and microbeads which are having a devastating effect on the ocean. Who wants any part in that? We don’t! It’s all about awareness and then keeping in mind how you are voting with your wallet.

Enjoying festivities to the fullest can get a little messy! You are almost obliged to drop some wine or tomato sauce on something come the end of the weekend. Materials of quality are going to respond better to stain removers and you might come to love a spot as it ages. Note to self: a loud vintage print is the fabric form of your favourite concealer. No one’s gonna notice it!

Wearing the same pair of jeans everyday isn’t for everyone but you can totally deck yourself out for a festival using mostly second hand stuff. Jewellery can be hard but a lot of thrift stores are really stepping up their game on accessories and it’s a chance to relax and have fun. Take off your fine jewellery – be worry free – you’re not going to lose an expensive piece to a hungry tent floor!

While everyone loves a little retail therapy before a big event, we’re here to remind you that you don’t need to sacrifice being stylish. Multiple outfits can coexist. Just hit your local thrift store, call a friend and raid each other’s wardrobe’s or contact a relative about the coat you always noticed in the spare room. Chances are someone wore it to something cool back in day! Second life is the sweet life.

Suitcase Rummage is held on the first and third Sunday of each month. It’s the perfect opportunity for a day out with friends updating your wardrobe and collecting clothing gems that will fully satisfy your sartorial quest for the next festival and have you looking damn fine indeed. Note: if any keen beans are getting ready for Splendour, come along to our Rummage this Sunday!

PACK: water bottle, reusable coffee cup, cloth wipes

SAY NO to baby wipes, plastic hair accessories, toiletries with micro-beads and glitter – Turtles worldwide are thanking you and I have it on file that they PREFER henna. Also check out the ever lovely @getssrunched run by Rummage’s own Nina for amazing hair accessories made from vintage and second hand fabrics.

Shop’s we love and recommend if you’re in need of a fix:

SWOP Adelaide St/Boundary St Brisbane CBD and West End 4101

St Veronicas 89 Hardgrave Rd, West End QLD 4101

Neo-Generalist Boundary Street West End 4101

Yesterday’s Thrift Shop 235 Boundary St West End 4101

Aster and Lilou 2/153 Boundary Street West End 4101

Open House West End 73 Vulture Street West End 4101

Salvos 80 Glenrosa Rd Red Hill 4059

Thrift Shop and Eternity Boutique 16 Windsor Rd, Red Hill QLD 4059

Vinnies Palm Beach 6/15 Palm Beach Ave, Palm Beach QLD 4221


This article was put together by our extended Rummage team of truly wonderful gals:

Art by Chloe @chloeandthepaperpots

Words by Alice