Suitcase Rummage is a mini scaled market with giant rewards; it promises to be everything that is a market without the hassle. Its about bringing a suitcase (or two!) filled to the brim with your goods and treats.

You can be a part of the Rummage experience by selling wares or come along to buy some real beauties! There will be brilliant vintage, artwork, bric-a-brac, clothing, books, jewellery, seconds, hand-made, shoes, records, music, badges, cards, handmade paper, ……you name it!

Come for a bargain, a swap, or an old fashioned haggle. Suitcase Rummage is not to be missed!

Easy as pie.

Stall Feature of the Month!

Our interview with Ronia Garrett-Benson has so many gems of information and insight! We chatted to the talented, intelligent, and absolute sweetheart Ronia about why she loves art and creating it. She also gushed about artists that she digs, let us in on her favourite sushi place in Brisbane City, and offered advice on how to make a Suitcase Rummage stall your own. Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? I’m an artist, blogger and designer from Brisbane. I currently study fashion communication at QUT, while selling my art online on my Etsy and at Suitcase Rummages! Why do you do what you do? I do what I do because I love everything to do with art and how it creates a sense of community through fellow artists. Most importantly, it makes people happy. I love creating, it’s a part of my DNA and I’m constantly drawing and painting every spare second I get. Who are some other artists, crafters, creatives that you love? I have so many artists and creatives that I love, it’s so hard to list. I find most of them on Instagram, which is why I included their users. Some of my faves would have to be: Elly creates super cool illustrations of celebrities and bands, and sells funky t-shirts and prints (@cactei). She also sells at Rummages as well which is super cool! The Messy Heads is a blog run by Emma Mercury, which has so many inspiring pieces of writing that I’m in love with. There’s so much cool stuff on the site including lookbooks, favourites and heaps of other posts. Arnie Luczkowkski-Gibson (@franki_e) is a Australian based sculptor/creative who... read more

Stall Feature of the Month!

Let us introduce you to Chris from Rose Leather Crafting! We had a good ol’ chinwag with Chris about how and why he got into working with leather. He also let us know about what he digs about Suitcase Rummages! What made you decide to get into leather working? Before ever working with leather, I purchased an expensive wallet in the hopes that if I sunk enough money into a wallet it would then last a long time. I was very disheartened when the wallet broke two months later. I then decided I would have a crack at making my own. My mission was to make a wallet that would not break, was super strong, and would last a life time.Through my research I found that kangaroo leather has the highest tensile strength for its size compared to any other leather in the world. I then found ‘Tiger Thread’. A waxed and braided polyester thread that is thick, strong, and can be used to hand stitch leather. In my opinion, there is no point having strong leather, if the thread holding the leather together is not also strong; “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” after all. And was it a success? I loved it. It was perfect! A few of my friends thought it was pretty good too and requested their own. Then their friends requested one. Soon enough, some close friends suggested that I sell them and it grew from there. The feeling of being able to provide a great wallet to someone, that I know won’t break, is a great feeling. People work hard for their money, and so do I. I consider it only fair... read more

Stall Feature of the Month!

Introducing Maddy from PotatoQueeen Clothing! Meet Maddy and Nancy, the mother daughter duo behind PotatoQueeen Clothing. These lovely lassies are Brisbane Suitcase Rummage regulars! We catch up with the duo and talk fighting crime, designing times, little bro inspo and puppy love.   Read the full interview below! Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? PotatoQueeen is a team effort between mum (Nancy)  and I. Nancy is a fully qualified designer/dressmaker, and I’m a full time criminology and criminal justice student as well as the designer for all PotatoQueeens clothes. Basically I come up with the crazy ideas and designs and mum makes them happen! Why do you do what you do? PotatoQueeen was born after I stopped being able to find clothes I liked in mainstream fashion stores. I’m not a particularly tall person, but most skirts available in stores are way too short for me!  I eventually got mum to agree to make me some clothes I had dreamed up, and once she did we got friends, family and even random people stopping me in the street to ask where I got my clothes from! We decided that we had a market here for original clothes and people willing to buy them, so why not give it a shot? Who are some other artists, crafters, creatives that you love? And why? I think my mum and my little brother inspire me to create the most. They’re some of the most creative people I know. Local artists and designers such as Ella Mobbs from Creep Heart, Lauren Carney and Black Milk also really inspire me to create really beautiful and intricate designs. I take a... read more

Register your stall today!

It’s a simple idea. Fill your suitcase with your wares, and travel to our designated spot on the day. Sell your wonderful goods old style. No hassle. No fuss. Good ol’ fashion markets! We would love to have you along. Just let us know you’re coming.


Sell Your Wares

Suitcase Rummage is the perfect place to sell your art, craft and second hand wares. It’s about bringing a suitcase (or two) filled with your goodies for sale. It’s a great opportunity to do a wardrobe clean out, or perhaps test the market with your art and craft ideas!

Attend a Rummage

Suitcase Rummage is like a miniature flea market, with a point of difference…the market is completely from suitcases! We host our markets all around the country, so find a Rummage near you and join in the fun! It’s free to attend, just bring along a shopping bag to take your goodies home.

Host a Rummage

Are you looking to host a mini-market like Suitcase Rummage? Suitcase Rummage is always looking for great market locations so we’d love to hear from you!


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